You Used to Scrawl Me In Your Fel Tome

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You Used to Scrawl Me In Your Fel Tome is an achievement earned by finding and reading all of entries of Illysanna Ravencrest's diary scattered throughout Black Rook Hold. There are a total of six notes hidden throughout the dungeon and it can be completed on any difficulty.


Torn Page:[, ]

Found in the Chamber of War Room immediately after the Amalgam of Souls fight, on a desk by the southern part of the room.

Dog-Eared Page:[, ]

Found in the Grand Hall, it's in the hallway connecting to the stairwell that takes you to Illysanna Ravencrest, tucked in the back on a desk.

Ink-splattered Page:[48.2, 59.6]

Found in Rook's Rise, in the small round room connected to the stairs leading to Lord Ravencrest's Chamber after defeating Smashspite the Hateful.

Worn-Edged Page:[, ]

Found in the Grand Hall, to the left of the broken staircase, by the bookshelves.

Singed Page:[, ]

Found in Rookshold, the room filled with Wyrmtongue Tricker, on a table by three bookshelves and two weapon racks.

Hastily-Scrawled Page:[70.4, 75.8]

Found in Lord Ravencrest's Chamber on the desk, at the end of the instance.

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