Your Base, Your Choice

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HordeYour Base, Your Choice
Start Durotan [46.0, 70.2]
End Durotan [46.0, 70.2]
Level 93 (Requires 92)
Category Gorgrond
Experience 14100
Rewards 18g 90s
Previous H [93] Just Another Stick in the Wall
Next Lumber Mill: Tangleheart (Horde), H [93] The Razorbloom, Sparring Arena: Rage and Wisdom (Horde), H [93] A Rediscovered Legend, H [93] Skulltakers in Crimson Fen


Choose to construct either a Lumber Mill or a Sparring Arena at Beastwatch.

  • Building selected


You have already constructed an impressive garrison in Frostfire. I believe I should defer this next choice to you.

One region of Gorgrond is rich in resources. A lumber mill could help us make the most of them.

Another region harbors hardened gladiators. A sparring arena would help persuade them to fight for our cause.

Either path will strengthen us as we seek to find and weaken the Iron Horde.

Which do you choose, Commander?


You will receive: 18g 90s


A fine choice. It will need more work before such a structure could be built in your garrison, but this is a start.


  • 14100 XP


Interact with Durotan to construct the Lowlands Lumber Yard or Savage Fight Club:

Lowlands Lumber Yard
The Lowlands Lumber Yard will provide daily materials and reduce the cost of other garrison buildings and specializations.
Once fully operational, the Lowlands Lumber Yard grants the use of [Summon Mechashredder 5000] within Gorgrond.
Savage Fight Club
The Savage Fight Club will provide training missions to improve existing followers.
Once fully operational, the Savage Fight Club grants the use of [Champion's Honor] within Gorgrond.
  • Spell holy championsbond.png  Champion's Honor — Summons an Arena Champion to fight by your side for 1 min.
    When the champion departs, you will gain an enhancement improving your combat skills while in Gorgrond. The more enemies you kill while the champion is present, the stronger this enhancement will be.

Whichever option is selected, players gain an innkeeper and a flight path at Beastwatch and have access to H [93] Skulltakers in Crimson Fen.

This completes the "Your Base, Your Choice" chapter of Horde [Putting the Gore in Gorgrond]. The Gorgrond storyline continues with H [93] The Razorbloom and H [92] Tangleheart for the Lowlands Lumber Yard option, or H [93] Rage and Wisdom and H [93] A Rediscovered Legend for the Savage Fight Club option.


  1. H [92] The Secrets of Gorgrond
  2. H [93] The Laughing Skull
  3. Complete all of:
  4. H [93] A Flare for the Dramatic
  5. H [93] Penny From Heaven
  6. H [93] Just Another Stick in the Wall
  7. H [93] Your Base, Your Choice

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