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The Zan'thik are a group of mantid loyal to Shek'zeer found at Zan'vess in the Dread Wastes.


The Zan'thik are some of the most feared warriors of the empire, with masters of both sonic manipulation and polearms among their ranks.[1] They maintain a  [Kyparite] mining operation at the Amber Quarry using yaungol that have been enslaved with [Zan'thik Shackles].[2] It was these slaves that inadvertently unearthed Rik'kal the Dissector.[3] Vess-Guard Vik'az co-ordinates their defenses,[4] and Adjunct Sek'ot maintains their communications with the empress at the Whispering Stones.[5] They also feed the local scorpids sap while they are young, causing their shells to fuse with amber as they grow.[6]


At some point during the Pandaren Campaign, the forces of the Kor'kron Guard and the 7th Legion came into conflict with each other and the Zan'thik holdouts in the midst of an Assault on Zan'vess. Both the Horde and Alliance sought control of a weapons cache being guarded by Commander Tel'vrak and his men in the heart of Zan'vess.[7]

Zan'thik Forces


Assault on Zan'vess




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