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The Zanchuli Council advises the King Rastakhan of the Zandalari and ensures his every command is executed upon.


Dictating every aspect of Zandalari society down to the very last detail are the Scholars and the Priesthood. Masters of magic and communing with the spirits, these respected bastions of knowledge stand upon fifteen millennia worth of accumulated knowledge. The highest of these have a seat on the Zanchuli Council, which both advises the King and ensures his every command is executed upon. The council is consulted before every battle or major decision. Empowered by the Zandalari gods themselves to act as his voice, King Rastakhan has ruled for over two hundred years.[1]

One of the most respected of these is Zul. Even as a child his dark and terrible visions had come true down to the last horrifying detail. He commanded fear and respect as one of the dark prophets: seers capable of witnessing great tragedies before they come to pass. He advised the council and the king to unite with the other troll tribes and to abandon their doomed homeland. Despite Zul's infamy, the council refused to believe in the scope of the disaster to come. Many felt that Zul was grandstanding to increase his own status and power They scoffed as he and his followers began assembling a war fleet and reaching out to the lesser troll races. But Zul's vision were visions of the truth. Deathwing's Cataclysm rocked Zandalar to its foundation. The spine of the land broke in two, and soon, the city and all its riches began to slide into the hungry sea. The Zandalari people turned to their King for help, but there was only one Zandalari equipped to help them: The prophet Zul.[2]


Former members


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