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Zandalari army

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HordeZandalari army
Zandalari army.jpg
Main leader
Secondary leaders

 Zul †
 Jakra'zet †
 Khar'zul †
 Gara'jal †
 Mengazi †

Theater of operations


The Zandalari army[1] (or the armies of Zandalar)[2] is one of the principal military wings of the armed forces of the Zandalari Empire[citation needed]  along with the forces in the Golden Fleet. The army has been an integral part of the survival of the empire throughout the many events following the Cataclysm.[citation needed] 

Historically, the army has been based from Zuldazar, and has been deployed to a great many areas across Azeroth. Their forces served in the continents of the Eastern Kingdoms and Pandaria, as part of the war against the Zandalari.


The Zandalari Empire is a group of mystical trolls who serve as the priest caste for all other trolls. They have few warriors, and what warriors they do have are dedicated to protecting their home island of Zandalar. Thus, when the Zandalari need people to accomplish tasks in the larger world, they work through agents of other races. Were an unfriendly member of such a race to enter Zandalar, however, he would find himself contending with the Zandalari’s warriors. Though few, they are rumored to be excellent fighters.[citation needed] 

Presence in the Empire

The Zandalari army is highly active in the imperial lands. Serving a variety of functions, the army generally focuses on maintaining law and order and protecting the civilian populace.[citation needed] 


Under the leadership of the General Jakra'zet, lord of the armies of Zandalar,[2] many troops are deployed across the massive capital city of the Zandalari Empire to defend the numerous settlements in the primal jungle.

Following the Zandalari civil war, the Warguard Rakera was promoted to General of the army.


The Zandalari army is made up of numerous subgroups, including:

  • Shera Ali'kh; an organization who have served as the assassins for the Zandalar Empire for thousands of years.
  • Zandalari Beast Ward; a division dedicated to breeding, supplying and empowering beasts of war for conquest.
  • Rastari; a elite military group of the empire.

Notable members

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Name Role Status Location
Horde  General Rakera General of the Zandalari army Alive Various
Neutral  General Jakra'zet Former General of the Zandalari army Deceased Various


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