Zandalari civil war

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Zandalari civil war
Zandalari civil war
Part of: War in Zandalar
Location: Zandalar
Outcome: Pyrrhic Zandalari loyalist victory

Neutral Zandalari Empire

Horde Horde

Mob Zul's followers

Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
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Concurrent: Kul Tiran civil war

The Zandalari civil war was a conflict between Zul's followers and Rastakhan's loyalists, beginning as a coup d'état by Zul who saw Rastakhan as a weak king, because, Rastakhan assumed the Zanchuli Council wanted to be in service of the people, but, Zul believes that they do not deserve service, because he see the people as selfish, foolish and desperate, and wished to build a new troll empire with the aid of the remnants of the mogu empire.

Zul was in communication with Queen Azshara,[1] though no naga were seen aiding the Atal'zul.




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