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Zanj'ir Brutalizer

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MobZanj'ir Brutalizer
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Race Naga brute (Humanoid)
Level 121 Normal / Rare
Health 1,106,941
Wealth 90s 52c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Zanj'ir
Occupation Commander
Location Nazjatar
Status Killable

Zanj'ir Brutalizers are naga brutes located in Nazjatar.


  • Inv misc herb stranglekelp blade.png  Binding — Grants the caster the Binding Kelp ability, tying nearby players to a freshly grown coral with a tough rope of kelp.
  • Ability shawaterelemental reform.png  Bubbling — Periodically casts Reactive Bubble which absorbs incoming damage, then reflects it at enemies.
    • Ability shawaterelemental reform.png  Reactive Bubble — Creates a reactive water bubble around the caster, absorbing up to 500 damage from all sources. On expiration, the Reactive Bubble fires missiles at each player, inflicting 33% of the damage that player inflicted to the bubble as Frost damage.
  • Inv staff 2h naga a 02.png  Commanding — The caster inspires their troops, permanently increasing their health and damage.
  • Inv staff 2h naga a 02.png  Commanding — The commander in the field inspires nearby troops, increasing their damage inflicted by 33% and maximum health by 50%.
  • Ability mage waterjet.png  Gushing — Grants the caster the Gushing Geyser ability which inflicts Frost damage and knocks up targets caught in the effect.
  • Spell nature sleep.png  Lulling — Grants the caster the Song of Azshara, which puts players facing the caster to sleep.
    • Spell nature sleep.png  Song of Azshara — Sings the Song of Azshara, putting players within 30 yards of the caster to sleep for 6 sec.
  • Inv staff 2h naga a 02.png  Reinforcing — The caster calls for reinforcements from Queen Azshara once while in combat.
  • Ability monk effuse.png  Rejuvenating — Grants the caster access to Rejuvenating Waters, a channeled self-healing ability.
    • Ability monk effuse.png  Rejuvenating Waters — Calls on rejuvenating waters to heal the caster for 8% of their health every 2 sec for 6 sec.
  • Spell shaman earthquake.png  Shattering Smash — Hurl a massive boulder that inflicts 55 Physical damage to enemies, then shatters into smaller boulders that each inflict 20 Physical damage.

Objective of


  • Denizens of the deep, heed my call!
  • Minions, attend me!
  • Our armies will crush you!

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