Zanzil (tactics)

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Image of Zanzil
Gender Male
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 87 Elite
Health 4,149,700
Mana 465,500
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Zul'Gurub
Status Killable

Zanzil is a boss of the level 85 version of Zul'Gurub.


For character biography, see Zanzil the Outcast.

Adventure Guide

Exiled from the Skullsplitter tribe for turning his fellow trolls into mindless slaves, Zanzil was recently offered a place among the Gurubashi by Jin'do the Godbreaker in exchange for bolstering Zul'Gurub's forces. It is well-known that his toxic elixirs can even rouse the dead from their graves.


  • Spell fire twilightflamebreath.png  Zanzili Fire Tank Alert — Deals 66000 Arcane damage in a line and deals 50000 Arcane damage every 1 sec for 5 sec. 1.5 sec cast.
  • Inv potion 19.png  Terrible Tonic — Zanzil throws a bottle of Terrible Tonic at a random player, inflicting 30000 Nature damage.
  • Spell fire twilightflamebolt.png  Voodoo Bolt Interruptible — Deals 33250 to 36750 Shadow damage to an enemy, mon! 3 sec cast. Interruptable.

Zanzil's Secret Techniques

Zanzil periodically performs one of his three secret voodoo techniques, but he never chooses to perform the same technique twice in a row.

  • Zanzil's Red Resurrection Elixir — Zanzil brings a swarm of Zanzili Zombies to life.
  • Zanzil's Blue Resurrection Elixir — Zanzil brings a Zanzili Berserker to life.
    • Zanzili Berserker — Zanzili Berserkers fixate on a single random player.
      • Ability thunderclap.png  Thunderclap — The Zanzili Berserker inflicts 12750 to 17250 Nature damage and reduces the attack speed by 20% of every enemy within 0 yards for 15 sec.
      • Inv gauntlets 05.png  Knock Away — The Zanzili Berserker knocks its current target away, inflicting 30% of a normal melee swing's damage.
  • Spell nature abolishmagic.png  Zanzil's Graveyard Gas — Zanzil fills the area with toxic Graveyard Gas, inflicting Nature damage on all players equal to 5% of each player's maximum health.


Zanzil has spread three experimental cauldrons around his lair. Each cauldron has a unique mixture, and drinking from the cauldron grants the player that mixture's effect.

  • Zanzil's Cauldron of Frostburn Formula — Drinking from this cauldron causes the player's next attack to inflict damage equal to 65% of the target's maximum health and stun the target for 15 sec. Zanzil, Jin'do, and their most powerful allies ignore the effects of this mixture.
  • Zanzil's Cauldron of Burning Blood — Drinking from this cauldron causes the player to inflict 4750 to 5250 Fire damage to all enemies within 0 yards and 3000 Fire damage to themselves.
  • Zanzil's Cauldron of Toxic Torment — Drinking from this cauldron will cause the player to take 90% less Nature damage for 30 sec.


This encounter requires the group to use the cauldron mechanics from the rest of the dungeon.

When pulled the tank should position the boss at roughly an equal distance from each cauldron to reduce movement time when getting the appropriate debuffs. Zanzil himself casts Voodoo Bolt, which can be interrupted, and Zanzili Fire. The trail left behind by Zanzili Fire causes 50,000 arcane damage per second to anyone standing in it. The trail will move away from the Zanzil in the direction he was facing when the cast was started.

Zanzil will use one of 3 abilities, which require the use of the cauldrons to mitigate. He will use these abilities repeatedly until he is dead:

Zanzil's Graveyard Gas

Zanzil will cause the entire area to be covered in toxic gas, this will cause damage to all players. While in this phase Zanzil will continue to cast Zanzili Fire which will be harder to see through the gas, so stay alert of the bosses casts. Every group member will need to get the debuff from the green cauldron in order to survive the damage from this ability. DPS should stay on the boss providing there are no adds up.

Zanzil's Resurrection Elixir (Zanzili Beserker)

Zanzil will resurrect a Zanzili Berserker, one member of the raid with a ranged ability should use the frost cauldron and freeze the berserker. All DPS should focus on the berserker and get it down before Zanzil uses his next ability. If the troll is not down before the frost trap expires then it will pursue a group member who should kite it, the berserker cannot be kited.

Zanzil's Resurrection Elixir (Zanzili Zombies)

Zanzil will resurrect a group of Zanzilli Zombies, the melee classes in the group should get the debuff from the red cauldron and focus on AoEing the zombies down, ranged classes should also AoE the zombies and if your group is ranged heavy or DPS is low then some ranged players may need to get the cauldron debuff and DPS in melee range in order to get the zombies down. Once the zombies are defeated the debuff can be dispelled to reduce extra damage being taken.



What? You've come to laugh at Zanzil, too? Not again! I'll make you pay!
Killing a Player
  • Don't worry. Zanzil won't leave you dead for long...
  • How does that taste?
  • Oooh, pretty... Zanzil's got big plans for this one.
Casting Zanzil's Graveyard Gas
  • Hahahaha!
  • Breathe deep, friends! Breathe it all in!
Casting Zanzil's Resurrection Elixir (Brute)
  • Maybe you need someone bigger to play with!
  • Go, little one! Fight them! KILL THEM!
Casting Zanzil's Resurrection Elixir (Zombies)
  • Who needs friends? Zanzil just makes his own!
  • Rise up! Zanzil's elixir gives you life!
You'll all suffer for this! Zul'Gurub is NOTHING without Zan... Zan...
Unused quotes
Enough... enough of this! Cower before the true power of Zanzil!



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