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Gender Female
Race Orc
Affiliation(s) Frostwolf clan
Location Azeroth
Status Deceased[1]
Companion(s) Drift
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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.

Zarka is an orc warrior of the Frostwolf clan and chosen companion of the wolf Drift. When Durotan led a party north to aid the spirits, both Zarka and Drift were a part of it. Drift would be ultimately killed by members of the Red Walker clan. However as a gift from the spirits Drek'Thar would be allowed to resurrect Drift.[2] Zarka would then ride Drift in battle against the Red Walker and assist in the destruction of the barbaric clan.

After traveling through the Great Gate to Azeroth, Kagra was present during the Frostwolves' meeting with the humans of Stormwind. She laughed at the large numbers in which the humans arrived, and expressed her dislike of the situation, but ultimately honored Durotan's leadership.[3]

Following the aborted meeting, Kagra was killed by the other orcs of the Horde, as punishment for her clan's betrayal.[1]