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Zealous Echo

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MobZealous Echo
Image of Zealous Echo
Race Man'ari eredar (Demon)
Level 110
Health 4,308k
Mana 266k
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Triumvirate's End, Mac'Aree
Status Killable

Zealous Echoes are eredar located at Triumvirate's End in Mac'Aree. They attack the fleeing draenei echoes, but are eventually stopped by the newly-mounted defenses of the area.

Objective of


  • Argus will... rise...
  • Embrace Sargeras!
  • Run... while you can.
  • Sargeras cannot be denied!
  • Suffer for your folly!
  • The Destroyer will find you...
  • The eredar... reign...
  • There is nowhere to run!
  • There is nowhere to run.
  • This will be the last gift you reject!
  • We will never stop...
  • Why is it... dark?
  • Yes! Flee! Flee!
  • You flee to the abyss, coward!
  • You will pay for your cowardice!
  • You... will never... escape...

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