Zeb'ahari Mender

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HordeZeb'ahari Mender
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Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 111 - 120
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Zandalari Empire
Occupation Healer
Location Zuldazar
Status Alive

Zeb'ahari Menders are Zandalari troll located in Zuldazar.

Objective of


  • Dey are here to kill de king!
  • Dis is not good!
  • I am getting out of here!
  • I have a bad feeling about all dis...
  • I will go to de king!
  • What did Zeb'ahari do to deserve dis?
  • Why are dey attacking us?!
  • Zeb'ahari is overrun!

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