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Image of Zengi
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 88
Health 271,000
Location One Keg, Kun-Lai Summit
Status Alive


Zaiyu, Yoona, and Zengi are sitting around the One Keg bonfire having conversations.

Zaiyu says: Has there been any word from Kota Basecamp?
Yoona says: No. And no kafa either. Dark days are coming.
Zengi says: No Kota Kafa? How am I going to ake up in the morning?

Zaiyu says: I haven't seen any Shado-Pan lately.
Zaiyu says: They got recalled to Serpent's Spine.
Yoona says: So who is protecting the Burlap Trail?
Zaiyu says: Uhh...

Zaiyu says: I still remember when I used to guard the Burlap Trail.
Yoona says: Drinking is not guarding.
Zaiyu says: Hey! I was a Shado-Pan once.
Zaiyu says: Was that before or after you built the wall with your own two paws?
Zaiyu says: ...before.

Zaiyu says: You hear, some of the grummles are refusing to go up Mount Neverest?
Yoona says: I'm sure they are just being overly superstitious.
Zengi says: Superstitious or not, you won't find me exploring some place a grummle is afraid to travel.

Zaiyu says: I heard the yaungol have taken over most of the farmlands in the south.
Yoona says: What's a yaungol?
Zengi says: Know what a yak is?
Yoona says: Of course.
Zengi says: Imagine one of those walking around on two feet, only angrier.

Zaiyu says: I heard the Burlap Outpost got destroyed by hozen.
Yoona says: Hmm. I never really liked that place. The outhouses were always dirty.
Zengi says: You are heartless. What about the grummles?
Yoona says: Heartless? Is it too much to ask for a clean outhouse?
Yoona says: What?! Don't give me that look!

Zaiyu says: Hozen are on the ravage again. I can feel it in my knees.
Zengi says: I thought you only felt weather in your knees.
Zaiyu says: That's my right knee. My left knee feels hozen ravages.

Zaiyu says: You know, they say these mountains are full of yeti.
Yoona says: Who says that?
Zaiyu says: Oh... well.. you know... "they".

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