Zerek, Master Cloner

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NeutralZerek, Master Cloner
Image of Zerek, Master Cloner
Gender Male
Race Ethereal
Affiliation(s) Dr. Boom
Location Underground lab in Netherstorm[1]

This article contains information and lore exclusive to Hearthstone, and is considered non-canon.

At last, immortality!
— Summoned
It's time to clone the master himself!
— Boss description

Zerek, Master Cloner is a ethereal who works for Dr. Boom. Giving him the resources he needs, his field of work is cloning. He has an assistant called Test Subject #362. He shares his assistants with Stargazer Luna, something he is not happy about.

He created Robo-Boom a clone of Dr. Boom with a robot brain.[2]

Lab Log


Reporting Mech Unit: G4LV-NZR

G4LV-NZR enthusiastic greeting::
G4LV-NZR query::

I am pleased to provide a status update on the progress of my experiments. An organized system is a more perfect system.

My people, the ethereals, lost our corporeal forms long ago, becoming energy-based beings in the process. While that offers many advantages over our sloppy, meat-based counterparts, it presents challenges in others. I’ve spent much of my life searching for a way to ensure the survival of our most important personage: myself. The answer? Cloning!

G4LV-NZR query::

My work has progressed swiftly. The chamber in which we stand houses my Cloning Gallery: row upon row of cloning chambers, each capable of growing duplicates of an encyclopedic array of beings on demand. With the power of this facility, I can produce an army of those clones at will, and my proprietary process allows them to grow to full maturity at a vastly accelerated rate.

G4LV-NZR bemused observation::

I’m aware of that! I said “maturity,” not “size.” When produced en masse, they are much smaller than usual and regrettably moist. And leper gnomes are always small and moist.

G4LV-NZR metallic snickering::

If perfection was easy, everyone would do it!

This is an enormous undertaking, mech—I can’t be everywhere at once! Yet. That’s why we’re here, after all. Cloning biologicals is simple. As an energy-based life form, cloning a perfect version of myself has proven . . . challenging. My current assistant is less methodical than I’d like.

Please relay to Dr. Boom that I require an assistant with the wit and precision for the work at hand. And if they manage to meet my expectations? Well, I’ll make more. *** END MASTER CLONER ZEREK TRANSCRIPT ***[3]


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