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Not to be confused with Zeth'Gol.

Zeth'Gor is a ruined orc base in the mountains of southeastern Hellfire Peninsula, with a stronghold (also identified as barracks), a kennel and damaged hovels. It is now overrun with fel orcs of the Bleeding Hollow clan. There is also a fel orc called Warlord Morkh inside the stronghold. When you slay him, a huge, green eye (the Eye of the Citadel, probably Broggok) spawns and promises to meet you in Hellfire Citadel.

Zeth'kur in Warcraft II bears a similar name and location; however, there is no evidence showing that they are the same location.


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Zeth'Gor Digsite map.jpg
Zeth'Gor is an orc archaeology dig site.


  • During the beta, the orcs of Zeth'Gor were referred to as Bleeding Hollows and the Bonechewers.[1][2]