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Image of Zhao-Ren
Title <The Onyx Serpent>
Race Cloud serpent (Beast)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Hostile
Location Ridge of Laughing Winds, Wandering Isle
Status Killable

Zhao-Ren is a cloud serpent terrorizing Dafeng just outside the Chamber of Whispers on the Wandering Isle. His first appearance is when you cross the Dawning Span during N [6] Morning Breeze Village. This serpent needs to be dealt with so Dafeng will join the remaining spirits at the Temple of Five Dawns.


  • Inv misc babyarmadillopet.png  Lightning Pool Important — Deals high Nature damage to enemies standing inside of the pool.
  • Tradeskill inscription jadeserpent.png  Serpent Sweep Important — Sweep in a circle, dealing heavy Physical damage and knocking back all enemies within 15 yards.

Objective of


  • When Zhao-Ren has been attacked too many time by fireworks he will have the following debuff: Inv misc missilesmall red.png  Stunned by Fireworks — Stunned by repeated battering from Fireworks. (12 secs remaning)
  • It will use Serpent Sweep when it recovers from Stun debuff.


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