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Zhevra are striped unicorn- or zebra-like beasts that are found in the Barrens. They are normally neutral and may not be the strongest of beasts in the Barrens, but stay clear of their kick or you'll regret it. Zhevras hold a lot of strength in their legs and can even knock a tauren on its haunches.[1] Zhevras are rarely used as mounts in Azeroth due to their stubborn nature and tendency to bite.[2] The nightborne classify zhevra as unicorns; or rather, as monohorns, which they claim is a much more fitting name.[3]



As a mount

Swift Zhevra
Main article: Swift Zhevra

The  [Swift Zhevra] was formerly available as a reward from the Recruit-A-Friend system.

As a hunter pet

Main article: Courser#As a hunter pet

Zhevra are tamable by hunters as part of the courser family.


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