Zian of the Endless Shadow

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For information on how to defeat Zian in World of Warcraft, see the Spirit Kings.
Not to be confused with Zian.
Zian of the Endless Shadow
Image of Zian of the Endless Shadow
Title <Sorcerer King>
Gender Male
Race Mogu
Class Sorcerer
Affiliation(s) Mogu empire
Occupation Emperor of Pandaria
Status Ghost, killable

Zian of the Endless Shadow was an emperor of the mogu empire. He was a powerful sorcerer who kept the kingdoms in check through terror and darkness.[1] He used the  [Lantern of the Sorcerer King] to fuel his most powerful spells.[2]

His spirit appears in Mogu'shan Vaults as part of the Spirit Kings encounter.


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Preceded by:
Emperor of the mogu
Succeeded by: