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Image of Zivlix
Gender Female
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 75
Location Nozzlerust Post, Dragonblight
Status Alive

Zivlix is a level 75 goblin quest giver found at Nozzlerust Post in Dragonblight.


She is involved in the following quests:

  1. AvailablequestActivequest N [74] Shaved Ice
  2. AvailablequestActivequest N [74] Soft Packaging
  3. AvailablequestActivequest N [74] Something That Doesn't Melt


If I can make a new war machine, I know I can get a pretty penny for it over at the Wrathgate.

Some of our previous iterations haven't been entirely... stable, but my flying machine should do the trick if I can just develop and effective bomb system for it.

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