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Image of Ziya
Gender Female
Race(s) Goblin
Affiliation(s) Bilgewater Cartel
Occupation Sergeant
Location Pandaria (last known)
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unnamed husband
Companion(s) Jastor Gallywix, Druz, Lorewalker Shuchun

Ziya is a sergeant in the Bilgewater Cartel. She grew up in Pyrix, an Undermine "sluicetown". Like many other goblins during the evacuation of Kezan, she was briefly enslaved by Trade Prince Jastor Gallywix. As such, she is not very fond of him and participated in the battle against him on the Lost Isles.

Despite this fact, she, her husband, and her friends joined her Cartel's military forces, and fought many enemies, including the twilight cultists, the Alliance, the undead, the sha, the mantid, various elementals and even a dragon. One by one, she lost friends in various conflicts, and eventually, her husband in Hyjal. This has perhaps led to her hatred of the Alliance.

The Blank Scroll

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Ziya was assigned a plundersquad, and ordered to raid Pandaren treasuries, temples, and armories for valuables and weapons to fuel the Horde war machine. Her squad was whittled down to Arko, an inexperienced goblin mage.

Spending the night on the chilly northern shore of Pandaria, Arko asked Ziya to tell him a story. Ziya chose the tale of Rakalaz. She did not get very far before the infamous monster exploded through the sand and attacked the two goblins, exposing the doors to a Lorevault in the cliff behind them. After sending a distress call to Trade Prince Gallywix's uberzeppelin, Arko fled, and Ziya was rescued by Lorewalker Shuchun.

Druz, Gallywix's chief enforcer, arrived and claimed the Lorevault for the Bilgewater Cartel. Ziya insisted on a finder's fee for the discovery, and Lorewalker Shuchun refused to allow either goblin into the Lorevault without her. The three companions entered the large golden doors.

As they faced various challenges based on Pandaren legend, Druz and Ziya argued over the purpose of the war against the alliance, the true nature of Trade Prince Gallywix, and the danger of seeking simple answers to complex problems, eventually realizing that their arguments were actually creating the traps. The source of these creations turned out to be a dangerous Pandaren artifact: the Blank Scroll

Druz and Ziya attempted to claim the scroll. Realizing that her warnings were going unheeded, Lorewalker Shuchun activated the scroll, and showed the goblins a vision of a terrible future: the Bilgewater Cartel goblins were declared traitors to the Horde for hiding a powerful weapon from Warchief Garrosh Hellscream. the Exodar, Teldrassil and Stormwind were destroyed by the orcs, and Azeroth itself was devastated by the Burning Legion and horrors from the sea.

Stunned by what they had seen, Druz and Ziya decided to leave the Blank Scroll in Lorewalker Shuchun's hands. Druz gave Ziya some paid time off to escort Lorewalker Shuchun "where she needs to go". Ziya found she was grateful for some respite from the war she had fought for years.[1]