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Image of Zoltan
Title <Master Pet Tamer>
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Demon)
Level 47
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Jaedenar, Felwood

Zoltan is a level 47 pet tamer. He is found in Jaedenar, preaching to the Zoltanian Cultists about the return of Sargeras.

His pets are Hatewalker, Ultramus, and Beamer.


Magic Beamer
[Focused Beams]
[Interrupting Gaze]
Mechanical Hatewalker
Magic Ultramus
[Meteor Strike]



On click
"Demons are the future of this world. The sooner you embrace that, the sooner you join the winning team."
  • Zoltan says: [Demonic] Sargeras will live once more!
  • Zoltan says: [Demonic] Our Master, protector of all life, will soon blind all of the heretics and grants us immeasurable power!
  • Zoltan says: [Demonic] All of you must work to aid in the great revival of our Master. Only through Him may we usher in eternal peace for all!
  • Zoltan says: [Demonic] Are you ready to accept the Master's gift? Will you be blessed by his loving wrath, or consumed by it like all the others?
  • Zoltan says: [Demonic] The Master shall rain hellfire upon Azeroth, and then we will at last cleanse the Light from this wretched world!
Pet defeated in battle
  • Zoltan says: A minor inconvenience.
  • Zoltan says: You only delay us. We cannot be stopped.

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