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| race = [[Orc]]
| race = [[Orc]]
| character = [[Shaman]], [[Warlock]] (presumed)
| character = [[Shaman]], [[Warlock]] (presumed)
| affiliation = [[Dragonmaw Clan]], [[Illidari]] (formerly [[Old Horde]])
| affiliation = [[Dragonmaw Clan]], [[Illidari]] (formerly [[Horde (pre-Thrall)|Horde]])
| faction = [[Horde]]
| faction = [[Horde]]
| occupation = Chieftain of the Dragonmaw Clan
| occupation = Chieftain of the Dragonmaw Clan

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Zuluhed the Whacked was one of the few remaining Orc Shamans within the Horde in Azeroth, but, due to his consumption of the blood of Mannoroth, he did not embrace his true heritage, and still practiced the dark magics prescribed by Gul'dan and the Shadow Council. He was eternally loyal to Blackhand during his reign as Warchief, and wished to remain so even after his death, so he pledged the allegiance of the small but powerful Dragonmaw Clan to Rend and Maim, the Sons of Blackhand: an alliance assumed to be broken when Rend pledged the Black Tooth Grin clan to Nefarian's Black Dragonflight, most feared enemy of the Dragonmaw.

Through unknown means, Zuluhed came into possession of what he called the Demon Soul. With the use of ritualistic magicks of ancient shaman belief as few had done since the first Horde had been formed, as well as sinister warlock powers of Nekros, and the help of Rend and Maim, they masterminded the capture of the Dragonqueen, Alexstrasza, through its power.Template:Cite He entrusted the Demon Soul to Nekros Skullcrusher, one of the few Warlocks who had survived Doomhammer’s molestations. Meanwhile, Alexstrasza, threatened with the death of her children, unwillingly gave the Horde an endless supply of her deadly progeny.

When the war turned for the worse, all of Dragonmaw collected at Grim Batol, making sure that no human force could touch their precious Dragonqueen. However, when Deathwing, Alextrasza’s hated enemy, made a daring attempt to assassinate her, he unwittingly freed the Dragonqueen.

It was then that the human forces captured the remnants of Zuluhed's clan, and ushered them into internment camps.

However, Zuluhed himself was not present when Alexstrasza attacked. This leads to a bit of a paradox: at the time of the attack on Grim Batol by the dragons, the Dark Portal was closed. Therefore, Zuluhed would not have been able to retreat after that attack. However, since Nekros was the one in charge, it is plausible that Zuluhed had returned to Draenor before the Dark Portal had closed leaving Nekros in charge since his command over the Demon Soul was needed in the campaign against the Alliance, but Zuluhed's presence was not. Therefore, if we assume that Zuluhed had left Nekros in charge of the Dragonmaw on Azeroth before the end of the Second War while returning to Draenor to organize the drake-riders needed there, the paradox is rectified.

Zuluhed's warlock and necrolyte magics (which were sapped from the Demon Soul and were therefore Draconic as well) would have ceased to function after the destruction of the Demon Soul, and the shamanistic spirits would have refused to answer him. Because of the helpless, desperate and powerless nature that he had found himself in, it was easy for Illidan to take control over him: the restoration of his Warlock magics (and perhaps the empowering of the Dragonmaw remaining in Outland as seen by their red color) in exchange for the dragon-taming services that the Dragonmaw Clan specializes in. Illidan wanted to make use of the Netherwing drakes of Outland and in striking this deal with Zuluhed, he was not only able to control the power of the Netherwing, but he gained the allegiance of the elite Dragonmaw Clan as well.

The Burning Crusade

Zuluhed resides at Dragonmaw Fortress, east of the Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley.

The Netherwing Quest Chain

See Netherwing for Zuluhed's involvement in acquiring a Nether drake.

Patch 2.1

In the PTR notes for Patch 2.1, it listed that upon obtaining the quest to kill Zuluhed, you must kill him as well as obtain his key. Before, a person who picked up the key before but did not use it could use it for a friend without killing Zuluhed himself.

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