Direhorn in a China Shop

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Direhorn in a China Shop
  • Destroy the Priceless Zandalari Vase using the Loa-Infused Bloodhorn's charge attack.
Here's the direhorn...
...and here's the vase

Direhorn in a China Shop is a quest achievement earned for taking advantage of the Loa-Infused Bloodhorn's charge. The bloodhorn is found at [52.1, 36.5] in the Beast Pens in close to the Defiant Direhorn. The vase is at [48.9, 39.3] to the down the northeast/southwest path to the southwest along the inside wall of the raptor area.

The bloodhorn has two abilities: Triple Puncture, and Trihorn Charge. The bloodhorn will only charge when it is more than a few yards away from it's target. Stand between the bloodhorn and the vase, then get out of the way when it winds up a charge. Make sure to not kill the Loa Speaker tending the direhorn, as that will turn the bloodhorn friendly.

This achievement is required for the meta-achievement, [Stormbreaker].

Isle of Thunder map
Direhorn @ 52.1,36.5
Vase @ 48.9,39.3

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