Lei Shen

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Emperor Lei Shen
Image of Emperor Lei Shen
Title Emperor, Thunder King
Race Mogu (Humanoid)
Affiliation(s) Mogu Empire
Occupation First Emperor of the Mogu
Location Unknown
Status Alive

Emperor Lei Shen, also known as the Thunder King, was the first emperor of the Mogu.


Rise to Power

At some point in the distant past, all of the warring mogu factions were united by a single tyrannical warlord known as the Thunder King. The Thunder King rose to power "the mogu way", eliminating his rivals one by one. According to the legend, he was able to accomplish this with the help of a mysterious artifact that he found in the depths of a mountain. After his rise to power, he built the Mogu'shan Vaults to contain and protect this secret, and converted the surrounding structure into a sort of shrine dedicated to the mogu empire. The complex houses many of the empire’s lost artifacts and is the resting place of the spirits of old mogu kings.[1]

Reign of the Thunder King

Emperor Lei Shen created the first code of laws, written in an unified language. The first rule was that sedition, insurrection and rebellion be punished by public evisceration.[2]

As he began to unify his people under a single banner and subjugate the other races of Pandaria, he knew that the mantid, with all their strength, would never bow to his authority. He commanded his slaves to construct the Serpent's Spine, a magnificent wall that spanned the length of the empire. It took many generations to be build, but Lei Shen knew that fear would to motivate his subjects, the fear of the mantid moved mountains, raised armies, secured his empire, and built his wall.[3]

Every soldier of his army worn a jade badge with the symbol of a crown and crossed lightning bolts.[4] The elite warriors formed a group called the Emperor's Shield.[5]

Lien Shen concluded an alliance with the Zandalar tribe who helped them during the Zandalari Troll Wars, when the pandaren fought to free themselves. The mogu have since been scattered and sparse in number for many years.


The Tomb of Emperor Lei Shen.

Emperor Lei Shen wore a spear, an axe and an helm into every battle. His helm became so well-known that his enemies would flee at the mere sight of it. It is said that he could throw his axe with brutal accuracy, and when it hit its target, it made a sound like crashing thunder. When the emperor died, they placed the helm in the very bottom of the Guo-Lai Halls, surrounded by thousands of terracotta soldiers. Thus, they could look upon their leader and follow him into death.[6][7][8]


Recently, the Zandalari along with the allied troll tribes rekindled with the mogu and found Emperor Lei Shen's body buried inside the Tomb of Conquerors in Valley of Emperors along with his army. The trolls have taken the body to the Isle of Reckoning and the Thunder King was ressurrected by Prophet Khar'zul. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Recent activities

Lei Shen is planned to make his return in patch 5.2.0.



Lei Shen (雷神, Léishén) is a Chinese Taoist deity whose name means "Thunder God."


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Emperor of the Mogu
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