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HordeThe Great Seal

Palace / Embassy


Hereditary monarchy

Former ruler(s)

Central Dazar'alor, Zuldazar

PvP status


The Great Seal, also known as Dazar'alor, is King Rastakhan's palace, capped by the Golden Throne. Two of the palace's floors, centered around the Great Seal proper in the palace's interior chamber, serves as the Horde's embassy on Zandalar and includes some portals to each major city and expansions, profession trainers, bank and guild banks, transmogifier and a mission table. The name refers to its relationship with Uldir, as it is one of three seals keeping G'huun contained. Giant concentric wheels turn around the outside of the palace, connected to a titan disk within.

In the Siege of Zuldazar raid, players will get to explore the inside of the pyramid.


The Great Seal is an enormous pyramid with about 11 or 12 levels. At the apex is the Golden Throne, followed by the Great Seal and the Horde embassy surrounding it. Further down is the Royal Armory, and surrounding the pyramid is the Terrace of Crafters, which contains an entrance to the Hall of Glimmers on the side of the building. Ritual halls (the Hall of Ritual and Hall of Strength) exist in crevices on the south side, which overlooks the Grand Bazaar.

Maps and subregions

The Golden Throne · The Great Seal · Hall of Ancient Paths · Hall of Chroniclers · Hall of Glimmers · Hall of Ritual · Hall of Strength · The Royal Armory · The Royal Meat Rack · The Royal Treasury · Vault of Kings

Notable inhabitants

Main article: Dazar'alor NPCs

Travel connections

Portal room of Dazar'alor.



Notes and trivia

  • The Great Seal is not a zone or subzone distinct from Dazar'alor, which is itself not a zone distinct from Zuldazar despite having its own map. The name comes from its portrayal on the Dazar'alor map, its flight path, and several quest dialogues. Dazar'alor as a zone with its own chat channel only existed within the main areas of the Horde embassy, deep within the pyramid, until it was made bigger at some point.
  • In the Battle for Azeroth beta, there was an Unknown Device in Dazar'alor that served as a portal to the Chamber of Heart. It dated back further than the Zandalari knew.[1][2]. In the live version it is still there, and commented on as being a strange device, but is merely a guild bank access point.
  • Uldir was originally planned to be located under the pyramid in the expansion early stages. They soon change it to Nazmir.[citation needed] 


Patch changes


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