Kanai Griffith

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NeutralKanai Griffith
Image of Kanai Griffith
Title <Art Teacher>
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Undead)
Level 80
Health 22,135
Mana 52,884
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Coldarra, Borean Tundra[35.2, 35.2]
Student(s) Fara, Xega

Kanai Griffith is a Forsaken art teacher located on the mountain ridge on the southeastern side of Coldarra in the Borean Tundra, where he is instructing his two students, Fara and Xega. A Skeletal Mount can also be found nearby.


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  • How ya doin'?
  • Hyyeeaahhhaaay!
  • Anyone up for sketch group?
  • Time for a workout!

When spoken to:

Welcome to the sketch group! Grab an easel, get comfortable. No judgments here - unless you're a Paladin, of course.
Today we're studying the nexus. Such beauty! Such chaos! So much... blue.


  • He is a tribute to Kevin Kanai Griffith, a senior artist at Blizzard Entertainment who passed away from cancer in October 2014.

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