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10 (Requires 8)




+250 Orgrimmar


 [Fizzle's Gloves] or  [Enforcer's Gloves]
3s 50c (or 5s 10c at max level)

Fizzle Darkclaw quest image.jpg


Obtain  [Fizzle's Orb] from Fizzle Darkclaw in Thunder Ridge.


The flood to the southwest wiped out one of the few Burning Blade camps that still pockmark Durotar. This one was led by a goblin named Fizzle Darkclaw, and believe me, we're better off without him.

Darkclaw, however, did possess an orb that the Horde is interested in procuring. Who knows why... I leave that to the warlocks. All I know is that I need that orb.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv gauntlets 16.png [Fizzle's Gloves] Inv gauntlets 24.png [Enforcer's Gloves]

You will also receive: 3s 50c (or 5s 10c at max level)


Run into any trouble on the way?


I ask for an orb, and you bring half of the goblin's arm with you? I like the way you work.

Tell you what... you've already given me a hand. Allow me to return the favor.


The side quest H [10] Thunder Down Under is best done with this quest, as it is in the same area and will provide you with a water breathing spell.

To reach Thunder Ridge, exit the area around the hut and take the path going west. Go past Rocktusk Farm. There will be a group of cacti south of the road. Past this is Thunder Ridge. Fizzle Darkclaw is under the water. His corpse will be at [42.2, 26.6], in the area surrounded by Swollen Voidwalkers.

On clicking Darkclaw's corpse:

<Fizzle's body bobs lifelessly. His orb is clutched tightly in his right hand.>
Gossip <Attempt to remove the orb.>
<You grab at the orb, but Fizzle's hand clutches around it even tighter. The orb glows slightly.>

Choose one of the following options:

Gossip <Attempt to remove Fizzle's Hand, then.>
  • This causes a cast bar of removing Fizzle's Hand. When it ends you will receive  [Fizzle's Orb].
Gossip <Give up. This is too scary.>
  • This will close the dialogue.

Quest progression


Dranosh'ar Blockade

  1. H [10] The Burning Blade
  2. H [10] The Dranosh'ar Blockade
  3. H [10] Fizzled
  4. H [10] Margoz
  5. H [12] Skull Rock

Available at the same time as H [10] The Dranosh'ar Blockade:

Deadeye Shore

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