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Tales of de Loa: Gonk

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Tales of de Loa: Gonk

Tales of de Loa: Gonk is a book lying on a rug by a river in the Garden of the Loa in Zuldazar.[51.7, 28.3] It contains a tale of the loa Gonk.


Tales of de Loa: Gonk

Lithe and soundless with padded paw,
He's quick of mind, and sharp of claw.
He fills de heart with honor and awe.
He is Gonk!

In defense or on attack,
He de one dat has ya back.
De mighty master of de pack.
He is Gonk!

Be it hoof or paw or hand,
He roams de sea and sky and land.
With dis loa we will stand.
He is Gonk!

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