The Drag

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The Drag after the Cataclysm
The old dark Drag

The Drag[60, 45] is the main road linking the Valley of Strength and the Valley of Wisdom. The Valley of Honor and the Cleft of Shadow can be accessed from the Drag. The shaded street is known far and wide for its myriad of vendors and profession trainers. Nearly every profession trainer can be found within the Drag, except for the First Aid, which is found at the Orgrimmar Embassy.

For unknown reasons former Warchief Garrosh Hellscream didn't like non-orcs loitering in the Drag.[1]


The Cataclysm forced the Drag to physically shift, emerging from shadows, and sunlight began illuminating the winding. More reputable establishments were built as well.[2]

After many parts of the city were burned,[citation needed]  the area was rebuilt, a few buildings were under construction. The orphanage that was once located in the Valley of Honor until it was destroyed has been relocated here and a small pond was made nearby.

Construction on one of the buildings was completed and ethereals took up residence offering their services to the Horde.

Points of interest

First level
Second level


The ethereal building, when it was under construction.
Construction completed

Excludes the above areas.

Building next to Droffers and Son Salvage
Ethereal building[57.8, 65.3] across and down from Borstan's Firepit


Patch changes


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