The Missing Diplomat (13)

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AllianceThe Missing Diplomat

33 (Requires 28)


1300 (or 7s 80c at level 70)


This quest is part of the quest chain The Missing Diplomat.


Find Commander Samaul in Dustwallow Marsh.


The beginning of every month the Kul Tiras Marines all get paid and usually leave Theramore for somewhere else. A lot of them come here to womanize, carouse, and just have a good time. One of those groups I'd consider regulars here at the tavern, and I believe this Hendel is among them.

Commander Samaul in Theramore would be able to help you find him if Hendel's still stationed there. He's completely loyal to Proudmoore, but if you drop Elling's name, he should help you out... discreetly.


A pleasure to meet you, <name>. I am Commander Samaul. I'm in charge of Miss Proudmoore's forces here in Theramore.

Although I'm quite busy, if you have any questions, please feel free to speak up. I might have to keep it short, but there's no reason for me to be rude if you need my help.

If you plan on traveling out of the city, I'd suggest you be careful. Besides ogres, orcs and murlocs, the southern part of the swamp is filled with black dragons.



The commander is at the top level of the keep, not the tower.


This is the quest chain The Missing Diplomat.

  1. A [28] The Missing Diplomat
  2. A [28] The Missing Diplomat
  3. A [28] The Missing Diplomat
  4. A [28] The Missing Diplomat
  5. A [30] The Missing Diplomat
  6. A [30] The Missing Diplomat
  7. A [31] The Missing Diplomat
  8. A [31] The Missing Diplomat
  9. A [31] The Missing Diplomat
  10. A [33] The Missing Diplomat
  11. A [33] The Missing Diplomat
  12. A [33] The Missing Diplomat
  13. A [33] The Missing Diplomat
  14. A [35] The Missing Diplomat
  15. A [36] The Missing Diplomat
  16. A [38] The Missing Diplomat
  17. A [38] The Missing Diplomat

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