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Thankyou sir, you truly are a legend, i cant be more thankful!!

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by august 3rd, itll be done? that's all I wanted, thankyou

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but for you it would be easy to do, its only the English Europe realms, I feel your not doing it, when you know you can

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At the moment, I don't have the time to look into it but I'll be able to check it over this weekend (August 1-2), either just wait until or as I recommend, add it yourself.

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I feel like your just ignoring me, I need help and I need someone to do a task for me, is there no one who can help? all I need is Europe English realms dated, im from Europe so it would help not just me but loads of other players, I mean, I could even pay you through paypal, please help me, please

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Stop constantly bothering me about this, I can look into it after I have enough room on my plate. Please under no circumstance offer cash to get work done on a wiki. Right now, I don't have the time to work on this. Rather use this time to gather the information and add it yourself instead of constantly bugging other users to add it. Start by being bold and become a wiki editor today, your first start could be by gathering this information and adding it to the article. I'd recommend checking out for topics related to realms on the classic forums of the EU site. (

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thankyou for having a look at it for me, i just thought it would be a nice addition to wowpedia, to have a realm list showing dates of realms on classic launch and above, like , thankyou friend ~~~~

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Hi suraf, i heard you may be able to add something to this wiki, like -

would be nice to have a classic wow one for europe, listing the dates and first realms added on launch and after launch, thankyou if you could

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